AIDS Alert 2002 Index

Acute HIV infection

  • Acute HIV infection transmits greater risk, JUL:87
  • Multistage pooling finds acute and early infection, JUN:75

Adherence issues

  • Pharmacy project assists HIV patients with medication adherence, NOV:144

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

  • ADAP report offers sobering view of programs, JUN:74

AIDS guide for health care workers

  • CDC releases new guidelines for OI exposures, AUG:sup
  • Work with treatment centers to help injection drug users, JUN:sup

Antiretroviral drugs

  • Easier abacavir regimen has promising results, JAN:5
  • New drugs, new data hold promise for next decade of HIV treatment, MAY:53
  • NIH studies find problem with Saquinavir taken with garlic pills, FEB:26
  • New drugs and drug types boost hope for the future, DEC:149

Antiretroviral treatment side effects

  • Expert offers help for PI-related heart disease, FEB:26
  • HAART patients can face greater risk of developing heart disease, JAN:1
  • Is atherosclerosis connected to PI therapy? AUG:96
  • TB, pneumonia deaths down, but heart attacks up, MAY:58


  • ADAP budget projections, APR:45
  • Average annual treatment costs for opportunistic infections, APR:44
  • Estimated number of deaths among 20-34 year olds in 50 hard-hit countries, 1990-2010, SEP:109
  • Estimated number of young people, ages 15-24, living with HIV/AIDS globally, 2001-2010, SEP:109
  • FY 2003 HIV/AIDS portfolio, APR:43
  • HIV Diagnoses for Heterosexuals, 1994-2000, SEP:107
  • Low & high estimates of proportion of 15-24 year olds living with HIV/AIDS, SEP:108
  • Percentage of population below 18 in selected countries, 1998, SEP:108
  • Risks and benefits of delayed vs. early therapy initiation for the asymptomatic HIV-infected patient, JUL:90
  • State-by-state ADAP profile, JUN:sup

Club drugs and HIV

  • Behavioral intervention program for meth-using MSM, NOV:143
  • HIV-positive Midwesterner tells how he uses meth, OCT:127
  • Methamphetamine use dates to post-WWII era, OCT:125
  • Methamphetamine use is heightening risks among gay youth, OCT:121
  • Drug treatment best hope for meth-using MSMs, NOV:137
  • What are club drugs? Here’s a guide, OCT:123

Common Sense About AIDS

  • HIV/AIDS and the young minority woman, MAR:sup

Drug-resistant HIV

  • Drug resistance test shows encouraging results, FEB:17
  • Drug-resistant virus tracked through 3 men, JUN:77
  • Future spread of HIV will be drug-resistant strains, JUL:89
  • One copy of mutation may help resistance, study says, FEB:23

Federal HIV/AIDS budget

  • Critics denounce Bush’s proposed budget for HIV prevention and care, APR:41

FDA notifications

  • Agenerase product label changed, OCT:131
  • Changes approved for Sustiva, APR:51
  • FDA approves first nucleic acid test system to screen blood for HIV and HCV, MAY:66
  • FDA approves new treatment for chronic hepatitis B, NOV:146
  • FDA has made changes in patient information for stavudine label, MAY:67
  • FDA seeks candidates for medical officer positions in Washington, DC, area, APR:50
  • FDA study assesses success of private sector patient information, NOV:146
  • FDA warns about counterfeit Epogen, AUG:102
  • New director appointed for FDA’s DAVDP unit, FEB:28
  • Nucleic acid test system approved, JAN:10
  • NucliSens HIV-1 QT is approved, FEB:27
  • Product tampering labels Ziagen as Combivir, AUG:102
  • Shortage of Cytovene IV, APR:52
  • Shortage of test kits for detecting HIV-1 antibodies, JUL:92
  • Tenofovir (Viread) receives FDA approval, JAN:10
  • TrueGene HIV-1 genotyping kit approval, JAN:11
  • Use of lamivudine has been expanded, OCT:131
  • Watch out for counterfeit Procrit, 2 lot numbers, AUG:101
  • Watch out for counterfeit Serostim, AUG:102

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • AIDS and privacy groups criticize proposed changes to federal privacy rule, JUL:81
  • HHS seeks to fix’ aspects of privacy rule, JUL:84

Hepatitis C co-infection

  • Evidence shows hepatitis C virus is playing major role in AIDS deaths, FEB:13

HIV data/statistics

  • First comprehensive HIV data several years away, AUG:99

HIV guidelines

  • CDC guidelines spell out dos and don’ts, MAR:39
  • CDC posts new HIV testing, referral guidelines, JAN:8
  • New HIV guidelines offer adverse effects data, JUL:89
  • UNAIDS guidelines update includes expanded agenda, NOV:141

HIV testing

  • New rapid HIV tests fare well in study, JUN:78

Injection drug use

  • Program targets HIV+ injection drug users, AUG:103

International HIV epidemic news

  • Debt cancellation now on top of agenda of international AIDS groups, NOV:139
  • Fears of an Eastern European explosion of HIV epidemic are being realized, FEB:19
  • Sub-Saharan strategies best when tailor-made, FEB:21
  • Taiwan reaches crossroads in handling its HIV epidemic, MAY:61
  • Western Europe’s response to epidemic has been mixed, divided by region, MAY:59

Minority issues

  • Minority patients ignored in HIV drug trials, JUL:86
  • New studies highlight issue of racial disparity in HIV care, NOV:133
  • Progress reported on curbing disparities, NOV:136


  • FDA commemorates 20th anniversary of HIV/AIDS, APR:50
  • Gonorrhea rates continue to rise in hard-hit cities, among at-risk population, MAY:63
  • HIV/Ebola comparison could spur new treatments, FEB:24
  • Infection with GBV-C linked to longer life, JAN:7
  • Separate lineages of HIV super-fast progressors, JUL:88
  • Depression is common among AIDS patients, DEC:153

Needle exchange programs

  • Needle-exchange programs are slowly finding greater acceptance, JUN:70

Neurological problems

  • HIV dementia persists, but now it’s a chronic disease, APR:46

New discoveries

  • NCI investigators find CD4 t-cell protectors, AUG:100
  • Researchers find easy way to predict outcomes, APR:45

Novel treatments

  • Patients benefit from using own CD4 t-cells, APR:48

Opportunistic infections

  • Opportunistic infection improvements level off, JAN:6

Prevention programs/issues

  • Are prevention programs falling prey to political pressure? MAR:29
  • CDC prevention project one of few for young MSM, AUG:97
  • Computer education may bridge prevention affordability gap, DEC:156
  • Here is how obscenity issue was raised, MAR:36
  • Internet paging system helps improve adherence, SEP:118
  • New trend by states is to integrate HIV prevention and treatment programs, DEC:154
  • Sexual scripts’ help MSM discuss safer sex, DEC:158
  • Research shows targeted HIV prevention succeeds, MAR:33
  • The letter that launched federal obscenity’ audits, MAR:35

Safe sex studies

  • Monitoring indicates safe-sex relapse in Boston and coast-to-coast, SEP:117

Sexual abuse

  • Adolescent sexual trauma screening is urged for HIV-infected women, AUG:94

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

  • Consider postexposure STD screening, FEB:22


  • AIDS stigma forms an insidious barrier to prevention/care, SEP:111
  • New Delhi group shares 2 case studies of HIV discrimination, SEP:112

Testing issues

  • CDC epidemiological report highlights testing limits, MAY:57
  • New research adds support for ED at-risk testing, JAN:7

Tuberculosis/HIV co-infection

  • Health leaders see need to link TB and HIV plans, OCT:128

Vaccine research

  • Vaccine trial participants may show false positives, JUN:77

Viral resistance testing

  • New viral fitness test helps determine regimens, AUG:100

Youths at risk

  • Global walks teach teens to fight HIV/AIDS epidemic, SEP:115
  • HIV/AIDS epidemic wreaks havoc on youths worldwide, SEP:106
  • Unwitting trust of sexual partners result in infection, SEP:113
  • UCSF launches web site to educate youths, FEB:26
  • U.S. prevention strategies focus on involving youths, SEP:116

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