Hospital Infection Control 2002 Index


  • 3% report reusing needles, DEC:140


  • Outbreak of in transplant patients, JUN:69

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

  • May hold joint conferences with SHEA, AUG:96


  • Persister cells trigger infection relapse, JUN: 71


  • CDC says infection control on front lines, JAN:5
  • Fear a consideration in dealing with, APR:45
  • Tip sheet for expecting the unexpected, JAN:6

Bioterrorism Watch (Supplement)

  • ACIP recommendations on smallpox vaccine, SEP:11
  • AHA questions smallpox plan, JUL:8
  • Anthrax creates fear, JUN:1
  • Bioterrorism exercise tips, MAY:2
  • Bioterrorism forensics evolves, APR:4
  • Can bioterrorism response bridge communication gaps? APR:1
  • CDC gets advice on bioterrorism, APR:2
  • CDC prepares for mass smallpox vaccinations, NOV:17
  • CDC moving quickly on smallpox, JAN:4
  • CDC weighs smallpox vaccination, JUL:1
  • Clues to distinguish flu from anthrax, JAN:1
  • Is airborne smallpox a new fear? SEP:9
  • People exposed to anthrax refuse treatment, MAR:1
  • Questions about smallpox vaccination of HCWs, SEP:15
  • Researchers study airborne anthrax, MAY:4
  • Side effects undermine anthrax drug, MAR:3
  • Smallpox plan uses outdated infection control, JUN:3
  • Smallpox super-strain suspected, SEP:12
  • Smallpox vaccine immune globulin, JUL:4
  • Stanford sets standard for bioterrorism planning, JUN:4
  • Stress counseling for HCWs after bioterror attack, MAY:1
  • Was anthrax mailer a bioweapons researcher? APR:3


  • Patient deaths lead to recall, APR:49
  • Problems with lead to no change in recalls system, JUN:65
  • Q&A with Olympus, JUN:68

Candida parapsilosis

  • Outbreak of fatal catheter-associated infections, JUN:69

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Bans scrub brushes, fake nails: FEB:22
  • Central venous catheter guidelines by, SEP: 108
  • Director of advises striving for zero infection, NOV:134
  • Director says alcohol hand rubs standard of care: DEC:141
  • Infection control on front lines in bioterror war, JAN:5
  • Routine TB screening may be dropped, MAR:33
  • Smallpox vaccinations recommended for ICPs, NOV:125
  • Washing its hands of soap and water, JAN:1

Chicago Tribune

  • CDC, APIC react to report by, SEP:103
  • Taken to task for infection control report, SEP:101

Clostridium clostridiiforme

  • First report of as nosocomial pathogen, DEC:146

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)

  • CDC disinfection and sterilization guidelines for, JUN:72


  • Concern about infection control lapses, JUL:80
  • Gold standards for processing, JUL:81


  • Resistant strains cost $30,000 a case, JUL:87

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  • Bronchoscope problems lead to no change in recalls by, JUN:65
  • Clarifies open-but-unused reprocessing requirements, AUG:97
  • Recalls human tissue, SEP:109
  • Recalls nonsterile devices, JUN:72
  • Revises reprocessing dates, MAR:37
  • Seeks comment on open-but-used single-use devices, OCT:118
  • Seeks needle safety device input, AUG:94

Hand hygiene

  • Alcohol gels as good as hand washing, SEP:110
  • Artificial nails, FEB:25
  • CDC director says alcohol rubs standard of care: DEC:141
  • CDC draft bans brushes, nails: FEB:22
  • Electronic voice prompts to wash hands, NOV:130
  • New era of alcohol rubs, NOV:128; 129
  • Rings may harbor pathogens, MAR:36

Healthcare Infection Prevention (HIP supplement)

  • Bringing clinics into JCAHO compliance, OCT:1
  • Dialysis catheters linked to infections, OCT:4
  • Dialysis catheters spur infections, drug resistance, DEC:1
  • Dialysis infection control recommendations, DEC:2
  • Dialysis outbreaks diverse and deadly, DEC:4
  • Group A strep outbreak in long-term care, MAY:59
  • Infection control for physician offices, AUG:2
  • Long-term care patient hydration program, MAY:1
  • Long-term care patient safety standards coming, AUG:4
  • Meningitis due to cochlear implants: OCT:3
  • Physicians offices free of JCAHO oversight, AUG:1
  • Surgery center sacred cows, AUG:3

Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC)

  • Discusses strategies for drug-resistant pathogens, APR:44
  • Guidelines by emphasize performance measures, APR: 41; 43
  • Struggles to unify isolation precautions, NOV:132

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

  • HIV patients should be tested for, AUG:98


  • HCV testing recommended for patients with, AUG:98
  • Provider to patient transmission of OCT:119
  • Rapid tests will help PEP decisions, DEC:145
  • Shortage of supplemental test kits for, JUN:75

Infection control professionals (ICPs)

  • Innovators form teams, JAN:8
  • Make business case of infection control, OCT: 117
  • Smallpox vaccinations recommended for, NOV:125
  • Urged to join patient safety network JUL:77; 79
  • Win HIC Innovation awards, DEC:139

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

  • Drops plans to reduce infection control standards, DEC:137
  • Bringing clinics into compliance with, HIP OCT:1
  • Nursing shortage strategies by, SEP:106
  • Statistics on projected nursing shortage, SEP:107
  • Patient safety goals set by, OCT:121
  • Physicians offices free of oversight by, HIP AUG:1

Klebsiella pneumoniae

  • $350,000 outbreak in an NICU, JUL:82


  • Workers in face risk of meningitis, APR:46
  • Two deaths due to meningitis, APR:47

Multidrug-resistant pathogens

  • Australian, Canadian ICPs battle, DEC:143
  • CDC struggles to unify isolation precautions, NOV:132
  • HICPAC strategies for drug-resistant pathogens, APR:44

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

  • Canadian ICPs battle, DEC:143
  • Eucalyptus leaves show efficacy against, JAN:11
  • Linezolid effective against, AUG:93
  • Screen and isolate or standard precautions? JUL:85


  • FDA seeks needle safety device input, AUG:94
  • Health care workers report reusing needles, DEC:140
  • Poor work climate, high workloads linked to, AUG:100

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  • May try to salvage TB standard, MAR:29
  • Risk of TB infection by, MAR:31

Patient safety

  • Errors that should be reported, FEB:16
  • ICPs urged to join network, JUL:77; 79
  • JCAHO patient safety goals, OCT:121
  • Medication errors and solutions, FEB:17
  • Medical errors partnership, MAR:36
  • Physicians offices free of oversight by, HIP AUG:1
  • Preventing wrong-site surgery in your hospital, JAN:10
  • Time to drop blame and shame, FEB:13
  • Transferring patients increases risk of infection, MAR:40
  • Staffing and adverse outcomes, FEB:24


  • Genetically engineered treatment of, MAR:7

Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)

  • may hold joint conferences with APIC, AUG:96


  • JCAHO nursing shortage strategies by, SEP:106
  • JCAHO statistics on projected nursing shortage, SEP:107
  • Nurse staffing bill cites infection risk, FEB:24

Streptococcus pneumoniae

  • Day-care children at risk of, FEB:20
  • Strains of share gene secrets, FEB:21


  • Donor knee cartilage linked to death, JAN:8
  • LASIK infections due to icing saline, MAR:34

Tuberculosis (TB)

  • OSHA may salvage standard on, MAR:29
  • OSHA risk of infection by, MAR:31

Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE)

  • Australian, Canadian ICPs battle, DEC:143
  • Mortality caused by, APR:50
  • Screen and isolate or standard precautions? JUL:85
  • Strains of resistant to linezolid, APR:52
  • Viruses used against, MAR:38

Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA)

  • Dreaded debut of, AUG:89
  • Foot ulcers precede, AUG:92
  • Second case appears, NOV:133

Ventilator-associated pneumonia

  • CDC bans routine circuit tubing changes, OCT:113
  • CDC recommendations to prevent, OCT:116
  • High costs in more ways than one, OCT:115

West Nile virus

  • Signs symptoms in transplant recipients, OCT:121

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