Initiatives aimed at improving diabetes care

Postcards remind members to get checked

Starting this fall, Farmington, CT-based ConnectiCare members with diabetes will receive postcard reminders of the need for their A1C test.

It’s part of the regional HMO’s DiabetiCare program to help diabetic members manage their disease.

ConnectiCare’s computer system can identify members who have not had the screening examinations. Those who have not had a claim for an A1C exam in the past 12 months will receive a postcard describing the importance of the test and the A1C levels recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Beginning last year, members with diabetes began receiving a postcard once a year, reminding them that they’re due for another one and stressing the importance of eye examinations.

Those who are overdue for an examination receive a reminder card urging them to make an appointment with their eye doctor.

Before the eye card program started, 58% of members had retinal eye exams in a one-year period. The next year, the percentage had gone up to 70%.

"This is due at least in part to interventions like the eye examination," says Steve Delaronde, MPH, MSW an epidemiologist/ research analyst with ConnectiCare’s health management department.