CTUpdate: Get new fact book on sterilization

Voluntary sterilization remains the most prevalent form of contraception worldwide, according to Contraceptive Sterilization: Global Issues and Trends, a new book from New York City-based EngenderHealth.

According to EngenderHealth, approximately 222 million women and men of reproductive age are protected from unintended pregnancy by sterilization. Since 1985, the number of countries restricting access to medical sterilization procedures has declined by almost 75%, from 28 to eight.

Edited by Evelyn Landry, the fact book includes coverage of such topics as high-quality service delivery, who uses sterilization and why, laws and policies around the world, key factors influencing the use and outcomes of permanent contraception, overviews of female and male options, research gaps, and projections of future needs.

The book can be downloaded from the EngenderHealth web site. Go to www.engenderhealth.org/sterilization. It also may be ordered in print form by contacting the EngenderHealth Material Resources department at 440 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10001. Telephone: (212) 561-8000. Fax: (212) 561-8067. E-mail: materialresources@engenderhealth.org.