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AHA offers new ergo program with guarantee

AHA Financial Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association in Chicago, is offering a new ergonomics consultation program. Diligent, which is associated with the Arjo Corp. ergonomic equipment company, will provide ongoing consultation, employee training, implementation of equipment, and measurement of progress. The Diligent Ergonomic Risk Management Program provides a guarantee of a 60% reduction in transfer-related injuries for three years.

The benefits of an ergonomics program go beyond workers’ compensation cost-savings, says Tony Spohn, ARM, vice president of risk management for AHA Financial Solutions. "This is another way to improve the quality of life for health care workers. It will improve productivity by improving their health and morale. That will ultimately improve the retention of workers at that hospital."

Diligent also will provide a risk assessment and estimate of potential cost-savings for a "nominal" fee, Spohn says. For more information, contact Spohn at (800) 242-4677.