Web site lists devices for needlestick safety

List designates primary prevention technologies

The National Alliance for the Primary Prevention of Sharps Injuries in Carlsbad, CA, has a new web site that categorizes needlestick safety devices based on whether the device offer primary or secondary prevention against needlesticks. The web site address is www.NAPPSI.org. Click on "Safety Device List."

The alliance is made up of health organizations, medical device manufacturers, and health care professionals who are working to reduce the number of sharps in the workplace. The group estimates that 800,000 sharps injuries occur each year in U.S. health care facilities. Any health care worker who handles sharp devices or equipment such as lancets, suture needles, or scalpels is at risk, the alliance emphasizes. (For more information on needlestick prevention, see Same-Day Surgery, January 2001, p. 3.)