Contacts for travelers’ health information

Upfront preparation helps with prevention

There are several web sites with traveler’s health information that provide details on how to prepare for visits to various countries. They are helpful as a resource for travelers and for health care professionals helping their patients prepare for a trip.

Web sites with traveler’s health information include the following:

  • International Society of Travel Medicine. This site provides a travel clinic directory.
  • — Mayo Travel and Geographic Medicine Clinic. This site provides information on the types of medical evaluations people need before traveling to determine which immunizations and medications are needed as well as educational needs.
  • — National Center for Infectious Diseases Traveler’s Health. This site has health information on specific destinations, outbreak alerts, information about specific diseases that can affect travelers, vaccination recommendations, information on how to avoid illness from food and water, and tips for travelers with special needs.
  • — U.S. State Department Consular Information and Travel Advisories. People can find consular information sheets, health conditions, and crime and security information on this site.