Make immunizations first on travel prep list

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People planning on traveling outside the United States need to see their doctor up to six months before their departure to determine which immunizations they will need. Many vaccinations consist of a series of shots and require time for immunity to build. For example, hepatitis B immunity is acquired by a series of three inoculations given over a period of six months.

Following is a list of immunizations that might be appropriate for protection against infectious diseases prevalent in many developing countries, according to the Mayo Travel and Geographic Medicine Clinic in Rochester, MN. They include:

  • diphtheria;
  • diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus;
  • hepatitis A;
  • imunoglobulin for hepatitis A;
  • hepatitis B;
  • Haemophilus influenzae type B;
  • influenza A/B;
  • Japanese encephalitis;
  • meningococcal;
  • mumps, measles, and rubella;
  • polio (live and attenuated);
  • Pneumovax;
  • rabies;
  • typhoid;
  • varicella;
  • yellow fever.