Web site offers multitude of free tools for ED

Site: New York Emergency Room RN
Address: www.nyerrn.com

Contact: Michael McCurdy, RN, 8849 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11209. E-mail: host@nyerrn.com.

As an ED nurse, Michael McCurdy, RN, found the Internet to be filled with many free resources pertaining to emergency medicine. "Unfortunately, these sites were often hard to find, and in using search engines, often the results produced were irrelevant," he says.

Over time, he collected dozens of bookmarks to useful emergency medicine sites, and in 1999, decided to launch his own web site containing only free medical resources. "When I first came on-line, there was not much out there for nurses," he says. "Now whatever you are looking for you can find. The trick is to know how to find it."

To help other ED nurses do this, McCurdy compiled a list of resources for emergency medicine and critical care, with one qualification: It must be available on the web for free.

The site is organized by specialty and topic, with its own internal search engine. The site allows you to access interactive patient simulators; links to free educational tools; on-line medical textbooks and reference books; emergency guidelines, procedures, textbooks, tools, and calculators; interactive electrocardiograms; on-line quizzes and continuing education units; policies and procedures; and medical software, illustrations, tutorials, and drug resources.

"With full-text, cover-to-cover textbooks, you have access to the best clinical content around," McCurdy says.