Explore on-line resource on chronic vulvar pain

Learn more about chronic vulvar pain: Use the Internet to check out "Vulvodynia: Integrating Current Knowledge into Clinical Practice," the National Vulvodynia Association's updated teaching program on chronic vulvar pain for health care professionals.

Available on-line and free to all viewers, the program includes a self-guided presentation on the differential diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of vulvodynia. In addition to information on the disorder's prevalence, a historical overview of the evolving terminology and classification is included. Once the program has been viewed, the presentation and other resources, such as selected medical journal articles and patient handouts, can be downloaded for future use.

To access the program, go to the organization's web site, www.nva.org. Click on "Teaching Program," and follow the prompts.

Get updated women's health statistics from web

Get the latest federal statistics on women's health findings for your area: Check out the updated National Women's Health Indicators Database developed by the Office on Women's Health. The database includes comprehensive U.S. data for men and women on a variety of issues, including reproductive health, maternal health, and access to care.

National, regional, state, and county data are available, and the data can be stratified by gender, race/ethnicity, and age concurrently. Access is free, and users can make their own tables, graphs, and maps out of any data in the database. Age-adjusted data and three-year averages are included for many of the health indicators.

Go to the agency's web site, www.4woman.gov, and click on "Women's Health Indicators Database (Soon to be known as Quick Health Data Online — New Data Available." Follow the prompts to use the database.