Special Report: Infant Abductions

Rider can help cover costs of infant abduction

A special rider available on some insurance coverage could help cover the costs associated with an infant abduction at your facility. The coverage sometimes is available at no extra cost, but only if you know to ask your insurance broker for it.

The company's "child abduction rider" is available as additional coverage on kidnapping and ransom policies, which many organizations buy to cover their senior executives, says David Lattin, director of specialty underwriting at Hartford, CT-based Travelers.

Lattin suggests that the child abduction rider could provide invaluable aid in the event of an abduction at a health care facility.

When a child is missing, the rider pays for private detectives to supplement local law enforcement efforts, travel expenses to reunite parents and children, and any other reasonable expenses related to the abduction and efforts to find the child. The policy does not require any ransom demand to trigger coverage, unlike some other kidnapping policies. Lattin notes that is an important consideration considering that most infant abductions do not involve ransom demands.

"The most important benefit is not the expenses it covers but the resources that we make available in an abduction incident," Lattin says. "In an infant abduction, getting the child back quickly and safely is the primary goal, and unfortunately, your local authorities may be overburdened and unable to do everything they would like to do. A hospital with this rider will be able to use all our resources to supplement local law enforcement."

Those resources include a national network of private investigators and the services of people such as Lattin, who is a trained hostage negotiator. St. Paul Travelers has offered the rider for two years but has not had a claim yet.

Lattin says kidnapping and ransom coverage is relatively low cost, as little as $800 annually for each $1 million in coverage. Most states require that the child abduction rider be provided at no additional cost for clients with the kidnapping and ransom policies, Lattin says.


For more information on the child abduction rider, contact:

  • David Lattin, Director of Specialty Underwriting, Travelers, 303 Holmes St., P.O. Box 86, Wallowa, OR 97885. Telephone: (541) 886-6003. E-mail: dlattin@stpaultravelers.com.