Clinicians needed for clinical mentoring assignments

The International Center for Equal Healthcare Access (ICEHA) is recruiting experienced health care professionals to volunteer for six to 12 weeks in developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Volunteers will use clinical mentoring techniques to provide HIV bed-side training to local health care providers. The volunteers’ expenses will be paid.

The clinical mentoring program was developed to provide a rapid scale-up of skills of the local health care staff and to strengthen the way health care is delivered to developing countries. The goal is to help the nations fight the HIV epidemic from within.

Antiretroviral medication has become more widely available to resource poor nations in recent years, but the health care infrastructure is inadequate for administering the drugs. Through ICEHA’s volunteer help in training local health care providers, hundreds of thousands of patients can have access to care when previously they did not.

ICEHA is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in the field of HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases to assist clinics in resource poor nations.

For more information about the clinical mentoring program and to obtain a volunteer application, visit the ICEHA Web site at or e-mail Katie Graves-Abe at