Oxygen study shows true cost of equipment

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of the cost of providing home oxygen therapy to Medicare patients in their homes represent services, delivery, and other operational expenses that benefit patients, according to a new survey of current costs by Morrison Informatics, commissioned by the American Association for Homecare. Only about one-quarter, or 28%, of the cost represents oxygen equipment.

"The study shows that, contrary to some perceptions, home oxygen therapy involves much more than a piece of equipment," said Tom Ryan, chairman of the American Association for Homecare and CEO of Homecare Concepts in Farmingdale, NY.

Morrison collected and analyzed data from 74 home care providers that collectively serve more than 600,000 Medicare beneficiaries receiving oxygen therapy in their homes, which represents more than half of the Medicare population receiving oxygen therapy at home. To access a copy of the free report, go to www.aahomecare.org. Under the heading "Advocacy Updates" on the home page, choose "Morrison Informatics Oxygen Study."