Online reports available for our subscribers

Readers of Hospital Access Management who have recently subscribed or renewed their previous subscription have a free gift waiting. As a special bonus, Hospital Access Management is offering free online reports to subscribers.

Those who are renewing their subscription or are new subscribers can receive the 2006 Healthcare Salary Survey & Career Guide, which examines salary trends and other compensation in the hospital, outpatient, and home health industries. Also, each occupation is analyzed for career potential, along with expert advice on how to advance in each career.

The report is online at If you're accessing your online account for the first time, click on the "Activate Your Subscription" tab in the left-hand column. Then follow the easy steps under "Account Activation." After the login process is complete, the report is available at "Online Bonus Report."

If you have already activated your subscriber number and password at, select the tab labeled "Subscriber Direct Connect to Online Newsletters. Please select an archive…" Choose your newsletter by the title from the dropdown menu and click "Sign on" from the left-hand column to log in. Then select "Online Bonus Report."

For assistance, call Customer Service at (800) 688-2421.