Fake JCAHO surveyors still trying to access hospitals

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) reports that fake surveyors still are trying to gain access to health care facilities and urges risk managers to stay on alert.

Joe Cappiello, Joint Commission vice president for accreditation field operations, says there have been three more incidents recently. He declined to name the hospitals but says that in two of the cases, the impostors came to the hospital main entrance; and in the third case, a woman was wandering through the halls on one of the floors looking lost.

The latter incident occurred in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) recently sent an alert to members describing it: The woman was wearing a three-piece business suit and appeared very professional. She was seen looking around the lower level of a hospital near a cafeteria and materials supply department. When an employee asked if she needed assistance, she said she was with the Joint Commission and was touring the facility. She agreed when the employee suggested that they go to meet with the hospital director, but she said she first needed to get something from her car. She never returned from the parking lot.