Results compare cataract, colonoscopy study groups

Results of the recent Ambulatory Surgery Non-Clinical Study for Cataract Extraction with Lens Insertion and Colonoscopy include the following statistics:

  • Salaries. Cataract organizations paid RNs a median annual salary including benefits of $53,400, while the median annual salary for RNs in colonoscopy organizations was $55,000. Median salary plus benefits for LPNs for cataract organizations was $39,000, and for colonoscopy organizations was $38,000. Surgical techs were paid a median salary and benefits of $36,700 in cataract facilities and $39,000 in colonoscopy facilities.
  • Accounts receivables. The percentage of claims that were more than 90 days due was 5% for colonoscopy organizations and 4% for cataract organizations. Denial of claims as a result of incomplete claims or inaccurate information was low for both types of organizations: less than 1%.
  • Purchasing. Sixty percent of cataract organizations and 67% of colonoscopy organizations participated in purchasing groups. While 64% of cataract and 67% of colonoscopy organizations in the study had inventory tracking systems, 33% of the cataract organizations used an electronic system, while only 19% of the colonoscopy organizations had an electronic system. Two-thirds of participants in both studies used reusable supplies.