Joint Commission starts random validation surveys

If you enjoyed your triennial survey, here's a chance to do it all over again the next week. JCAHO recently announced that it has begun random announced "validation surveys" (RAVs) to assess how well the new triennial survey process is working.

The RAVs will assess how well the triennial surveys assess an organization's compliance with Joint Commission standards. RAVs are conducted within two weeks following the triennial survey for selected hospitals.

Not everyone will be subjected to an RAV. Randomly selected hospitals will hear from the Joint Commission within seven days of their triennial survey and be asked to participate in a validation survey within the next seven business days. Hospitals can say no, but those participating will not be charged for the RAV and the findings from the validation survey will not have any impact on the results of the triennial survey or accreditation status.

The surveyors will not have information regarding the outcome of the hospital's recently completed triennial survey, but they will have the priority focus process information and the results of the triennial survey prior to the most recent triennial survey. The RAV will take about as long as the triennial survey.

The Joint Commission will not provide the hospital a report from the RAV visit, but the information will be included in an aggregate report after the project ends in 2006.