IP in long term care: Part-time, untrained

A `peek and shriek' at VT findings

The Vermont MDRO Prevention Collaborative administered a baseline infection prevention survey developed by the CDC to assess the status of long term care facilities as the project began. Of the some 40 Vermont long term care facilities with skilled nursing beds, 31 responded. Other states are also administering the survey, and a compilation of findings is slated for presentation at an upcoming conference of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists. Preliminary unpublished results from Vermont include the following:

1. What is the highest level of professional training of the individual primarily responsible for the infection control program in your facility?

  • CNA 0 (0.0%)
  • LPN 3 (9.7%)
  • RN 22 (71.0%)
  • MD 0 (0.0%)
  • No FTEs are dedicated to infection control 5 (16.1%)
  • Other (please specify) 1 (3.2%)

2. Has this person received any specific infection control training?

  • Certified in Infection Control (CIC) 0 (0.0%)
  • State or local training course with certificate 1 (3.2%)
  • No specific infection control training 23 (74.2%)
  • Other (please specify) 7 (22.6%)

3. Is coordination of infection control this individual's full-time or part-time role?

  • Full time 3 (9.7%)
  • Part time 28 (90.3%)