Joint Commission retires 4 out of 6 measures

Last June, The Joint Commission announced its new focus on accountability measures. At that time, it was determined that all but six of the 28 Joint Commission core measures that were aligned with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) measures were accountability measures. Now, it has been determined that four of these six non-accountability measures that are common to CMS and The Joint Commission will be retired, effective with Dec. 31, 2011, discharges.

The Joint Commission has provided input to CMS on eight measures it proposed for retirement, including four non-accountability measures and four accountability measures. CMS' final rule on Aug. 1 determined that four non-accountability measures would be retired. The four non-accountability measures being retired are:

• smoking cessation advice — heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia care;

• antibiotic within six hours of arrival — pneumonia care.

After Dec. 31, 2011, there will be two remaining non-accountability measures: discharge instructions and LVS function assessment (heart failure care). The Joint Commission will continue to support those measures that are in common with CMS and will work with CMS to consider retiring the two remaining non-accountability measures. (For questions contact: Sharon Sprenger at The Joint Commission. E-mail;