By Lee Landenberger

AHC Media was a two-time finalist at Friday's annual awards ceremony in New York City that feted the best business-to-business journalism in the country.

Both Emergency Medicine Reports and Healthcare Risk Management were in the hunt, respectively, for the Best Instructional Content and Best Subject-related Package categories.

The competition was tough and ready. The winner that emerged from the four finalists in the Best-subject Related Package category was “The T-Shirt That Thinks” in Wearables magazine  from the Advertising Specialty Institute, a media, marketing and education organization serving the advertising specialty industry.

The winner for Best Instructional Content was the “STEM Package” from Instructor magazine published by Scholastic Inc., which was founded in 1920. Scholastic is a well-known brand that has served thousands of schools, millions of homes and probably tens of millions of kids over many years.

Congratulations to them both. These publications are from highly skilled publishers who do a terrific job. It was an honor just to be in the same room with them.

Remember, though: We'll be back next year, tougher and readier.

Healthcare Risk Management was a finalist for our June 2014 issue detailing the hazards and successes of whistleblowers in healthcare management. Here is an excerpt from the issue's executive summary:

"Any professional, ethical risk manager knows the right thing to do upon finding evidence of fraud within the healthcare employer. Notifying senior leadership and taking corrective action comes naturally. But what if senior leadership doesn't act to stop the fraud and make amends? At what point do you, the risk manager, pick up the phone and report the fraud to outside regulators? Can you become a whistleblower? You can become a whistleblower, and in some situations you are ethically and professionally obligated to do so, according to experts consulted by Healthcare Risk Management. But that step is fraught with tremendous career risks and should be taken only after you are certain all other remedies have been tried, they say."

You can read the issue here.

Emergency Medicine Reports was a finalist for our June 1, 2014, monograph for emergency department physicians on ways to improve the often dangerous practice of prescribing highly addictive opioids to patients who may or may not be in pain.

Here is an excerpt from the issue's executive summary by J. Stephan Stapczynski, MD, Physician Editor, and Chair, Emergency Medicine Department, Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ:

"How do you deal with patients who request parenteral opioids for exacerbation of chronic pain and then want refills of their potent analgesics on discharge? If you are like me, painfully, often with frustration and hostility; this issue should therefore be of interest."

You can read the issue here

The Neals are sponsored by the the Association of Business Information & Media Companies of SIIA. Each year for the past 60, the Neal Awards search and find the best in business-to-business editorial publishing. They are named for ABM's first managing director.

See you in 2016, Neals.

Lee Landenberger is AHC Media’s Editorial & Continuing Education Director.