In national statistics, the pill continues to lead the pack, with 25.9% of contracepting women (9.7 million women) reporting its use. Female sterilization was listed by 25.1% (9.4 million women), followed by the male condom (15.3%, 5.8 million women) and long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) (11.6%, 4.4 million women).

  • About 14% of Contraceptive Technology Update Contraception Survey participants said more than half of their patients using pills choose extended or continuous regimens, with 25% saying 11-25% of patients use such regimens.
  • When it comes to use of pills in older women who smoke, 75% of survey participants say they would not prescribe pills to healthy women ages 35-39 who smoke 10 cigarettes a day, with 93% reluctant to write prescriptions for women older than 40 with similar smoking habits.