A nurse in Dallas has been awarded $1.08 million for what a jury found was workplace bullying by her boss, a urologist. However, the plaintiff settled for $440,000 just before the verdict was announced.

Patty Hahn, LVN, experienced three bullying incidents at North DFW Urology Associates in Grapevine, TX. A Dallas County jury recently found Scott Davidson, MD, and his clinic liable for sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and retaliation.

The $440,000 settlement was made shortly before the verdict was announced and cannot be appealed, says Hahn’s attorney Rogge Dunn, JD, partner with the law firm of Clouse Dunn in Dallas. The $1.08 million jury verdict included $348,889 against the doctor individually for bullying, Dunn notes.

“A verdict such as this should serve as a warning and wake-up call to bosses everywhere that they cannot scream, demean, or otherwise bully their employees,” Dunn says. “This is one of the few verdicts I’m aware of in the country awarding an employee damages against their boss individually for bullying.”

Hahn described a threatening, hostile work environment, and she testified that, on three occasions, Davidson screamed, “Just shut up. Just shut up. I’m sick of you,” with his hands raised and fists clenched. Hahn reported the behavior to the human resources department and filed a complaint. Soon after, Davidson called her into an office after business hours and gave her a “demonstration” of what screaming was, to prove that he had not screamed.