By Jonathan Springston, Assistant Editor, AHC Media

CMS announced this week the release of $66.1 million in funding designated for the treatment and prevention of the Zika virus disease across the United States and its territories.

To receive these funds, applicants must show how they will use the money to expand and enhance operations. Funds will be allocated to family planning services, diagnostic tests, screening and counseling, medical care, case management and treatment, and improving provider capacity and capability.

Much of this money will land in areas most affected by Zika, which according to the latest CDC estimates include Florida, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. In fact, the latter is set to receive most ($60.1 million) as it has been hit particularly hard.

“This funding will accelerate efforts to provide access to important healthcare services for people, in particular pregnant women and children, living in areas with local active Zika transmission,” Vikki Wachino, deputy administrator, CMS, said. “Providing immediate assistance to areas affected by Zika is critical. Strong coordination by health departments is essential to address the prevention and treatment needs of people at risk from Zika.”

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