By Dana Spector, Editor, Relias Learning

Falls and fall-related injuries are important patient safety and risk management issues for all hospitals. Patient falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for patients over 65 years of age and are the number one hospital-acquired condition.

AHC Media is here to help. By attending our new webinar, “Give Falls the Slip: The Joint Commission & CMS Hospital CoPs & Standards" on March 21, attendees will learn aspects of fall prevention, from assessment to patient education. In this program, our expert will discuss preventing falls and why this requires a multifaceted approach. Our expert will share information about a toolkit on fall prevention created by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and share 21 targeted solutions created by the Joint Commission. It is important that all healthcare facilities be up to date on the current evidence-based literature to reduce and prevent falls.

For more information about this session and to register, please visit this link.