The Association for Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) is planning to raise its national profile and reassess its chapter organization and structure.

These goals come as part of an update of the AOHP Strategic Plan, as the three-year run of the former plan expired in 2017.

In considering strategic goals for 2018-2020, the AOHP board of directors took a look back and a look forward.

“AOHP has operated under a set of strategic goals for many years which, along with capable leadership, has helped maintain the strong, viable, world-class organization we remain today,” the group recently reported.1 “To simplify the challenge, the board needed to consider these points: where we are now, where do we want to be, and how will we get there? We revised our newly developed mission and vision statements, reviewed what’s happening in the occupational health environment, and discussed local, regional, and national needs.”

One priority for the AOHP is to be recognized as the leading resource in occupational health by developing a presence on Wikipedia. The AOHP will confer with a content expert on the web-based encyclopedia and develop content to post. The group also plans to continue bolstering its role in the Total Worker Health Initiative by adding TWH speakers to the AOHP annual conference and sharing information from the annual AOHP National Conference.

The other main priority is assessing AOHP chapter organization and structure, which will include a membership survey and a review of bylaws that may offer recommendations for improvements.


1. Crutchfield L. Strategic Plan Update. Making a Difference AOHP Newsletter: Oct. 2017. Available at: