Financial navigators at Nyack (NY) Hospital have committed to respond to questions from patients immediately, if possible, or within 24 hours. Below are some common questions and the navigators’ responses:

Q: I have a copay for my infusion treatment visits. Am I to pay this each time I am scheduled for infusion?

A: You are required to pay the copay or any form of coinsurance (if applicable) for all infusion visits if your insurance plan/product requires this patient responsibility. If you are concerned with making these payments, we can discuss payment plans or other financial assistance options that may be available to you.

Q: I received a bill from the hospital that shows a large patient balance owed. Am I responsible for this?

A: We will review the account to verify if the invoice sent is an accurate reflection of your current balance. If so, we will discuss financial assistance options previously mentioned during your orientation day to assess what additional financial resources will be available to you. We will do our best to get back to you within the next three to five business days with an initial response to your concern.

Q: Are you sure my infusion drugs are covered?

A: We work in collaboration with your physician to ensure the drug(s) required for your treatment plan will be covered by your insurance. We verify that authorization is obtained and confirmed to minimize any non-covered services or denial of services by your insurance provider. In the event a service is not covered, we will appeal the decision, and continue to obtain reimbursement from your insurance.

If all internal resources are unsuccessful, we explore external funding opportunities for which you may be eligible. If there is concern regarding a non-covered service, we will discuss this with you immediately. We will provide you with updates on all of the alternative actions underway on our end to alleviate this cost concern.