With a new year comes a time to set some goals to help your business succeed. Here are a few to get you started:

Start running your facility based on metrics. Far too often, we keep doing the same thing, producing the same results. Yet, we often are surprised at this outcome. Almost all software packages hospitals and ASCs use contain metrics leaders can use to grade facility and staff performance.

Try something completely different. For example, start serving lunch for staff one day a week. Offer free car wash services to top-performing surgeons.

Let anesthesia know the hoarding must stop.

Pay more attention to your sterile processing department. This is an area of operation in serious need of more attention. Listen to what staff has to say. You really will learn something new.

Start preparing for your next CMS or state survey. There is a good chance you already are behind.

Make it a point to attend a national conference in 2019. Try to take as many staffers with you as possible. Listening to the lectures at these conferences is educational, but do not forget the added fun of the giveaway toys and gadgets from vendors in the exhibitor areas of these shows.

Check out the new 2019 Medicare ASC and hospital facility fee reimbursement rates. While usually a yawner, this year the rate change really is interesting stuff that will definitely affect your facility. (Editor’s Note: See story about the rule earlier in this issue.)

Also: Study the physician reimbursement changes for 2019.

Step up your social media game. Facebook is blasé. Instead, set up an Instagram account. It is fun and a great way to share your facility publicly.

Take an adult education course at a local community college. These courses are cheap and can be a great diversion from the day-to-day routines of surgery.

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