HIPAA allows some disclosures to police

HIPAA states that covered entities may disclose protected health information to law enforcement officials for law enforcement purposes under the following six circumstances, and subject to specified conditions:

1) as required by law (including court orders, court-ordered warrants, subpoenas) and administrative requests;

2) to identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness, or missing person;

3) in response to a law enforcement official's request for information about a victim or suspected victim of a crime;

4) to alert law enforcement of a person's death, if the covered entity suspects that criminal activity caused the death;

5) when a covered entity believes that protected health information is evidence of a crime that occurred on its premises;

6) by a covered health care provider in a medical emergency not occurring on its premises, when necessary to inform law enforcement about the commission and nature of a crime, the location of the crime or crime victims, and the perpetrator of the crime.