Hospital hiring climbs in March

Employment at the nation’s hospitals rose 0.20% in March, following a 0.21% gain in February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in April. Hospitals employed a seasonally adjusted 4.3 million people in March. That’s 9,000 more people than in February and 2.4% or 103,000 more than in March 2002. Those numbers without seasonal adjustment show hospitals employed 4,292,600 people in March, 103,200 more people than a year ago. The nation’s overall unemployment rate was unchanged in March at 5.8%. 

Wisconsin student nurses recruit

The Wisconsin Student Nurse Association (WSNA), in coordination with the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA), has launched a statewide program designed to reach students with a simple message: "Be A Nurse." The program, called "Touched by a Nurse," seeks to recruit students to nursing and improve the image of the nursing profession.

Student nurses, accompanied by a registered nurse from the local hospital, will visit local elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the state. They will present a short program that builds awareness of the education required to be a nurse, the career opportunities in nursing, and a few of the more technical aspects of the career.

Hospitals will be encouraged to mentor and assist the student nurses when they present their program. They also may host tours, educational sessions, and other activities for students in coordination with their local WSNA chapter. For more information, go to:

Workers get their say

The American Hospital Association’s American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) and Aon Consulting’s Loyalty Institute have finished their fourth annual survey of thousands of health care workers from a broad range of job categories. The results will be part of the Healthcare @ Work national study, which will be released at ASHHRA’s annual meeting, Aug. 17-20, in Denver. The study compares health care employees’ responses about workplace issues to those from employees in other fields that are surveyed by Aon Consulting.