Schedules matter to nurses

But those cheesy T-shirts don’t

What matters to your nurses? The ability to schedule their jobs around their lives, says a survey of 811 RNs. Conducted by Bernard Hodes Group and Nursing Spectrum, the survey asked questions about perceptions of employers before they were hired, how the reality related to those perceptions, and even what RNs look for in an employment ad.

Here are some of the results:

  • Surveyed RNs selected work schedules, growth opportunities, and commuting distance as the primary reasons for choosing their present employer.
  • Overall, RN satisfaction centers on work schedules, co-workers, and opportunities to learn; dissatisfaction is fueled by a lack of being valued, inadequate communications, and insufficient compensation.
  • If empowered as upper management, RNs surveyed indicated that the key areas they would address are: compensation, performance incentives, and the addition of benefits and flexible schedules.
  • Local newspapers, typically consulted on a weekly basis, are seen by RNs as a good source of job leads, as are Internet-appropriate employment sites and job boards.
  • Respondents appear to be equally divided between brochures and web sites as a preferred medium for researching prospective employers.
  • The vast majority of RNs would or have referred job candidates to their current employer, and feel that bonuses or prizes are effective motivators for such referrals.

The survey is available at the Bernard Hodes Group web site: