Survey profile

A total of 215 providers participated in the 2003 Contraceptive Technology Update Contraception Survey, which monitors contraceptive trends and family planning issues among readers. Surveys were sent to subscribers of CTU, Alternative Therapies in Women's Health, and OB/ GYN Clinical Alert.

Results were tallied and analyzed by Thomson American Health Consultants in Atlanta, publisher of CTU and more than 100 other resources.

About 52% of responses came from physicians. Nurse practitioners or registered nurses represented about 40% of the responses, with allied health professionals and health educators comprising about 2% of total responses. About 6% listed other professions. About 80% of respondents identified themselves as care providers, with about 12% involved in administration.

About one-third of the respondents said they were employed at public health facilities, with about 44% working in private practice settings. About 10% listed student health centers as their place of employment, with some 5% working in hospitals. The remaining 10% reported employment in other settings.

When it comes to location of their employment, about 34% said they worked in an urban setting. Another 34% said they were employed in a suburban facility, while 30% listed a rural location.