CMS’ 11 Home Health Quality Indicator Measures

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services in Baltimore has proposed 11 quality indicator measures for the pilot phase of the Home Health Quality Indicator Initiative, which involves public reporting of quality improvement indicators as of Jan. 1, 2003.

These indicators may change to some extent after final review expected in mid- to late-January, says Ann B. Howard, director of federal policy for the American Association for Homecare in Alexandria, VA. The indicators are:

1. Acute-care hospitalization (had to be admitted to the hospital)

2. Improvement in ambulation/locomotion (getting better at walking/moving with less equipment)

3. Improvement in bathing (getting better at bathing themselves without help)

4. Improvement in management of oral meds (getting better at taking medicines without help)

5. Improvement in transferring (getting better at getting in and out of bed without help)

6. Improvement in upper-body dressing (getting better at dressing themselves without help — upper body)

7. Improvement in toileting (getting better at getting to or from the toilet without help)

8. Improvement in pain interfering with activity (having less pain when moving around)

9. Stabilization in bathing (staying the same at bathing themselves without help)

10. Improvement in confusion frequency (confused less often)

11. Any emergent care provided (needed emergency medical care)