Smallpox vaccination handbook available now

Call today for your copy of Hospital Handbook on Smallpox Vaccination, a facilitywide resource containing all the information you need about smallpox vaccination in most health care facilities and environments. Learn about possible side effects and adverse reactions and how to protect your staff, patients, and family members against this most controversial vaccine. Read about the challenges of implementing a smallpox care team plus critical staffing and screening issues that will affect your entire facility as well as crucial questions about liability and other legal concerns.

This newly released handbook confronts the implications that departments face throughout the hospital, including infection control, the ED, critical care, employee health, and risk management. Order your copy today of this comprehensive resource guaranteed to provide you with the knowledge you need to manage this unprecedented response to a bioterrorism threat. The cost is just $99 for subscribers who will receive a discount off the original price of $149. To order, call customer service at (800) 688-2421. When ordering, please refer to the effort code: 76991.