Directed Self-Decontamination


You have been or possibly been exposed to a hazardous substance. For your own health and safety as well as others, you must be thoroughly cleaned before we can safely treat you. This is what you must do. Please read all the steps. Then proceed to follow them. We will be waiting for you at the end with towels to dry you off.

1. Go to the designated area.

2. Prepare to undress behind the privacy curtain.

3. Open the plastic bags.

4. Place all of your valuables (wallet, keys) into the small plastic bag and seal it. If you have prescription glasses or hearing aids, keep them with you.

5. Remove ALL your clothing.

6. Put clothes into large plastic bag.

7. Put the small valuables bag and large clothes bag in the designated place.

8. Put on the wristband or neck identification.

9. Now step into the shower / tub area.

10. Wet yourself all over in the shower.

11. Thoroughly wash with soap and water, paying attention to hair, ears, etc.

12. Rinse for at least one minute.

13. Step out of the shower area, and we will have a towel and covering for you.

14. We will keep you covered.

15. Then we will take you to the treatment area.

If it is safe, we will give you back your clothes and valuables.

Source: Hazmat for Healthcare, Diamond Springs, CA. Web: