Sample Policy for Credentialing Volunteers

Shown here is the policy that is followed at Paradise Valley Hospital in National City, CA, for credentialing of volunteer clinicians during a disaster:

Information Required for Emergency Temporary Privileges

A. The following information must be available in order to be granted temporary emergency privileges:

1. Current professional license number.

2. Photo identification issued by the state in which the practitioner holds licensure OR a current hospital picture identification card.

3. Name of current hospital affiliation where the practitioner maintains medical staff membership (if applicable).

4. Current malpractice insurance coverage.

Verification of Information

A. Verification licensure, malpractice insurance, and hospital affiliation will be done as soon as feasible by the medical staff office/designee(s). A record of this information will be retained in the medical staff office on the temporary emergency privileges form.

B. The National Practitioner Data Bank and the Office of the Inspector General will be queried as soon as possible.

C. Emergency privileges will be immediately terminated in the event information received through the verification process indicates any adverse information or suggests the person is not capable of rendering services in an emergency.

Conditions of Emergency Privileges

A. The emergency designee must practice under the direction and supervision of an existing member of the Paradise Valley Hospital medical staff.

B. The emergency designee will sign a statement attesting that the information given to the hospital is accurate.

C. The emergency designee agrees to be bound by all hospital policies and rules, as well as medical staff bylaws, rules, and regulations, and any directives from the clinical service chairperson, supervising physician, or any other hospital or medical staff leader.

D. Emergency privileges will be valid only for the duration of the disaster or emergency and will automatically terminate at the end of needed services.