Critical Path Network: Baptist Health Care’s performance standards

Be truthful and honest in all dealings’

At Baptist Health Care Corp. in Pensacola, FL, the following question is posed to employees: If I’m going to be successful in this culture, how do I need to act?

Performance standards, compiled by employees, are behaviors to be demonstrated by all employees. The standards establish specific expectations that employees are required to practice diligently while on duty. Picking up trash, walking visitors to their destinations, and a courteous smile to all are just a few examples of how employees can meet the expectations set by their co-workers. The following is an excerpt of some of Baptist Health Care Corp.’s standards:

Attitude: Our job is to serve our customers, co-workers, and supervisors and to provide high-quality service with care and courtesy. Always thank the customers for choosing us. Exceed expectations.

• Appearance: Be clean and professional. Follow dress code policies and wear your identification badge correctly at all times. Pick up litter and dispose of it properly. Clean up spills and return equipment to its proper place.

Call lights: All employees are responsible for answering call lights. Acknowledge call lights by the fifth ring, and respond to requests within three minutes. Always address the patient by name. Anticipate patients’ needs so they will not have to use their call lights. Ensure continuity of care by reporting to relief caregivers before leaving the floor. Return promptly from breaks. Check on patients one hour before shift change to minimize requests during report.

Communication: Listen to customers, co-workers, and supervisors. Be courteous. Don’t use jargon. Keep patient information confidential. When someone appears to need directions, escort him or her to the destination. Know how to operate the telephones in your area. Provide the correct number before transferring a call. Get the caller’s permission before putting him or her on hold and thank the caller for holding. Answer calls within three rings. Identify your department and yourself and ask, "How may I help you?"

Commitment to co-workers: Treat co-workers and supervisors as professionals deserving courtesy and respect. Welcome newcomers. Avoid last-minute requests and offer to help fellow employees whenever possible. Cooperate with one another. Don’t undermine other people’s work. Praise whenever possible. Do not chastise or embarrass fellow employees or leaders in the presence of others. Address problems by going to the appropriate supervisor. Be truthful and honest in all dealings, communications, and record keeping.

Customer waiting: Educate families about processes and provide a comfortable atmosphere for waiting customers. An acceptable waiting time for scheduled appointments is 10 minutes. Offer refreshments and an apology if a wait occurs. Always thank customers for waiting. Update family members periodically while a customer is undergoing a procedure.

Elevator etiquette: Always smile and speak with fellow passengers. Hold the door open for others. When transporting patients in wheel-chairs, always face them toward the door and exit with care. If transporting a patient on a bed or stretcher, politely ask others to wait for another elevator. Pause before entering an elevator so you do not block anyone’s exit. Step aside or to the back to make room for others. Walk departing guests to the elevator.

Privacy: Make sure patient information is kept confidential. Never discuss patients and their care in public areas. Knock before entering. Close curtains or doors during exams and procedures. Provide a robe or second gown if the patient is ambulating or in a wheelchair. Make sure all gowns are the right size for the patient.

Safety awareness: Report all accidents or incidents promptly. Correct or report any safety hazard you see. Use protective clothing, gear, and procedures when appropriate.

Sense of ownership: Take pride in this organization as if you own it. Accept the responsibilities of your job. Adhere to policies and procedures. Live the values of this organization.

By incorporating standards in your daily routine, teamwork, excellent customer service, and our mission of being the best health care system in the country will be achieved.

Baptist Health Care’s Pillars of Excellence’

Our core strategies are used to develop annual goals and action plans and are aligned with our five pillars of operational excellence. Our five pillars of operational excellence are:

  1. Best People: Strive to become employer of choice in the market area by emphasizing values-based recruitment, employee and physician satisfaction, retention, and leadership development.
  2. Best Service: Provide compassionate care and service to all customers at a level that continues to set the highest standards in the health care industry.
  3. High Quality: Pursue continuous improvement in the quality and efficacy of services provided by all affiliated providers.
  4. Low Cost: Become the market area’s low-cost provider, while optimizing reimbursement for services provided and improving operational efficiency.
  5. Growth: Continue to achieve growth in scope of services provided, service volumes, and market share.

Source: Baptist Health Care Corp., Pensacola, FL.