Vaccine-Related Adverse Events

  • Eczema vaccinatum. Serious (potentially life-threatening) skin rash caused by widespread infection of the skin in people with skin conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis — 0
  • Erythema multiforme major/Stevens-Johnson syndrome. A toxic or allergic rash in response to the vaccine that can take various forms and range from moderate to severe — 0
  • Fetal vaccinia. Vaccinia virus infection of a fetus resulting from exposure to smallpox vaccine during pregnancy — 0
  • Generalized vaccinia. Widespread vaccinia rash (ranging in severity from moderate to serious) involving sores on parts of the body away from the vaccination site resulting from vaccinia virus traveling through the bloodstream — 9
  • Inadvertent inoculation, nonocular. Spread of the vaccinia virus to another part of the body, except the eyes, caused by touching the vaccination site and then touching another part of the body, usually mild in severity — 31
  • Myocarditis/pericarditis. Inflammation of the heart/membrane around the heart ranging from mild to life-threatening in severity — 10
  • Ocular vaccinia. Eye infection that can be mild to severe (leading to loss of vision) usually resulting from touching the eye when vaccinia virus on your hand — 2
  • Postvaccinial encephalitis. Severe, potentially life-threatening brain swelling, which can lead to permanent brain damage — 0
  • Progressive vaccinia. Severe, potentially life-threatening skin and tissue destruction starting at the vaccination site and spreading to the rest of the body; occurs in people with severely compromised immune systems — 0
  • Pyogenic infection of vaccination site. Infection of the vaccination site (usually bacterial), which is typically mild to moderate in severity — 0

Note: These are vaccine-related events as of April 18. For updated information, go to:

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta.