Get ready for therapy cap

Experts Peter Clendenin, Tracy Gregg, Dave Mason, and Christina Metzler give the following advice on getting your facility ready for the outpatient therapy cap, which is slated to go into effect July 1:

  • Plan as if the cap is indeed going into effect in July. If there’s another moratorium, you’ll be that much more prepared when it comes around again.
  • Work with your patients to develop a way to keep track of charges.
  • Call your congresspeople or senators and tell them what effects this will have on your community.
  • Plan educational programs for therapists.
  • Put a policy in place at each location that specifies when you’ll notify patients of the cap, who will be notified, and who will be designated to speak with patients’ families.
  • Figure out what you’ll do for patients who reach the cap. Will you teach them a home program? Will you teach family members or nurses maintenance activities to help?
  • Look at your patient profiles to determine which patients are likely to exceed the cap. Look at diagnoses, care paths, and community options for ideas on how to help those folks.