10 Signs of Physician Burnout

1. Poor patient satisfaction surveys.

2. Flat or decreased productivity, morale, commitment, and work satisfaction.

3. Dysfunctional communication, relationships, and teamwork skills with patients, staff, and colleagues.

4. Poor coping skills - often manifested as substance abuse or self-prescribing, eating, gambling, or sexual compulsions, boundary violations, and work addiction.

5. High claims rate and intervention costs - disability, malpractice, workplace harassment, and various counseling/consulting interventions.

6. Out-migration due to early retirement.

7. Difficulty in retention and/or recruitment of good physicians or "star performers."

8. Physician remains an outlier when measured against peers in spite of consistent, timely, and appropriate feedback in performance reviews.

9. Withdrawal, isolation, lack of organizational involvement, doing the minimum to get by.

10. Frequently exhibits the physical-somatic and/or mental-emotional symptoms and signs known to be common to burnout.