Filing a complaint with the SBA

To file a complaint against a federal agency, home health providers should use the "Federal Agency Appraisal Form." (See the Federal Agency Appraisal Form, pp. 72-73.) Agencies anonymously can file complaints about either enforcement actions or specific regulators. It takes only about 10 minutes to complete the form. Forms also can be obtained by calling (888) REG-FAIR or by downloading it off the SBA Web site:

Send the completed form and supporting materials to:

Peter W. Barca, National Ombudsman, Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness, U.S. Small Business Administration, 500 West Madison, Suite 1240, Chicago, IL 60661.

Attorney John Gilliland II advises: "It would be best to submit separate reports on separate incidents. Submit five reports for five complaints. Things will be much more noticeable if individual forms are filed."

How it works

According to the National Ombudsman's office, the completed appraisal form will be reviewed by the national ombudsman and by the fairness board members in your region. The ombudsman may follow up with the federal agency involved to request an explanation of the enforcement action taken and will inform you of the agency's response. (See list of regional boards, p. 74.)