HCFA validates conditional corrections

20 of 21 Medicare COPs analyzed

Conditional accreditation continues to be a powerful incentive for hospitals to heed warnings and correct their problems in a timely manner.

Of the 10 validation surveys performed in 1995 and 1996 in conditionally accredited hospitals, eight had made corrections sufficient enough that at the time of the validation survey, no condition-level deficiencies were noted. In addition, the results of allegation surveys show very low noncompliance rates, indicating that in most cases, a complaint did not lead to the determination of noncompliance at a level considered to significantly impact the health and safety of hospital patients.

In the course of a validation survey, deficiency data are analyzed for the following 20 of the 21 conditions of Medicare participation (COPs):

The utilization review COP is not surveyed because accredited hospitals are subject to binding review by their state PROs.