Use cards to access life-saving information

During an advanced cardiac life support resuscitation or when an unexpected ill or injured child comes to your ED, easy-to-access information tables can decrease stress levels and facilitate care. At Western Michigan Air Care, based in Kalamazoo, MI, a set of 10 3" ´ 5" multicolored laminated cards contain such information as arterial blood gas interpretation, dosage tables, and poison treatment and antidotes. The cards have punchholes, so they can be placed on a clip together, and new cards can be easily added. "An ED nurse might not do a rapid sequence intubation very often, so she can refer to the card and grab the medications that are needed. Our flight crew uses the cards to make sure we are following protocol," says Jan Eichel, RN, CFRN, BA, EMTP, director of clinical operations. The cards are updated as needed. "As soon as ACLS or PALS guidelines change, we change the cards," she explains. "So even if you haven't recertified this year, you can still be up to date."

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