Coming soon: New ways to measure diabetes

At its recent meeting in October 1997, the committee charged with making recommendations for the Diabetes Quality Improvement Project developed a list of potential measurement areas. According to the National Committee for Quality Assurance in Washington, DC, "The committee agreed that the list represented a comprehensive set of diabetes measurement areas." Measurement areas include:

1. Glucose control:

— glycohemoglobin (tests performed, results);

self-monitoring of blood glucose;

— discharge rates for acute metabolic events.

2. Foot care:

— foot exams;

— discharge rates for amputation.

3. Eye care:

— retinal exams;

— vision function;

— blindness.

4. Smoking/tobacco control:

— medical advice to quit smoking;

— cessation rate;

— prevalence rate.

5. Lipid management/control:

— lipid profiles;

— LDL control;

— discharge rates for acute vascular events.

6. Urinary protein monitoring:

— renal screening;

— discharge rates for acute nephropathy events.

7. Hypertension control:

— blood pressure control/management;

— discharge rates for acute vascular events.

8. Patient knowledge and behavior:

— self-management education;

— medical nutrition therapy;

— health education.

9. Patient satisfaction:

— satisfaction with overall diabetes care;

— satisfaction with access to diabetes care and providers.

10. Functional status:

— maintenance of daily activities;

— avoiding hospital stays;

— coping with disease management.

11. Diabetes in pregnancy:

— screening for gestational diabetes;

— management of patients with gestational diabetes.

12. Diabetes screening:

— measure of pre-diabetes.

13. Preventing infectious diseases:

— influenza vaccine;

— pneumonia vaccine.