Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile Sample questions

1. For the elderly patients you care for, do you think the following treatments are used too little, appropriately, or too often?

a. mechanical restraints (e.g. posey vests, geri-chairs)

b. sleeping medications (i.e. tranquilizers)

c. incontinence pads

d. adult diapers

e. urinary catheters

f. pressure mattresses

g. adaptive devices (e.g. foam wedges, bed alarms)

h. pain medication

i. tube feeding

j. pressure ulcer treatment (e.g. turning bed- ridden patients)

2. Do you use these geriatric services daily, weekly, monthly, less than monthly, hardly ever, or not available?

a. geriatric nurse specialist or geriatric nurse practitioner

b. geriatrician

c. geriatric social worker

d. geriatric psychologist/psychiatrist

e. geriatric rounds and inservices

f. geriatric texts and journals

g. regional/national geriatric conferences, workshops