Web site offers info about surgery

Same-day surgery professionals and consum-ers can access information about surgery and perioperative nursing on the Internet.

The Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) in Denver has created a consumer- oriented information World Wide Web site titled Surgery Center: A Patient’s Place. It features general information and resources patients can use to understand surgery. There are titles of books, Web addresses, and names of other health care organizations that patients can contact. The site also provides profiles of operating room nurses and a medical history form patients can fill out so their medical information is easily accessible. The Web address for Surgery Center: A Patient’s Place is: http://www.aorn.org/patient/.

AORN also has a Web site with general information about the organization and government affairs related to nursing, educational opportunities, an employment referral service, and a clinical question-and-answer column. That Web address is http://www.aorn.org/.

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