Non-Retaliation/Retribution Sample Policy

Policy statement:

It is the position of XYZ Medical Center to encourage employees to report legal, regulatory, policy, and Code of Conduct violations without the fear of retaliation or reprisal. An employee hotline has been installed to provide employees an opportunity to report concerns in a confidential and anonymous manner. Feedback from hotline callers will remain anonymous unless the individual specifically requests disclosure of their identity or work area. There also are human resources policies that provide employees the ability to express problems, concerns, or opinions about work-related concerns.


1. Concerns regarding any issue should be addressed with the employee’s immediate supervisor, department director, and administrative vice president if necessary.

2. If the employee is uncomfortable bringing concerns to the above individuals, the employee should discuss those concerns with the human resources department.

3. The employee also can address serious violations with the corporate compliance officer or designee.

4. All alleged violations of the corporate compliance program will be investigated by the corporate compliance officer or report team member.

5. Employees also may utilize the hotline to report violations or make complaints. The hotline is a confidential source that keeps the identity of the caller anonymous.

6. The confidentiality of employee concerns will be maintained at all times unless legal or practical considerations make it necessary for disclosures to be made. The employee will be notified before any disclosures are made.

7. Any violations of this policy, such as retaliation or retribution from any organizational member, should be reported to the corporate compliance officer or human resources director.