Israeli company unveils earlier diagnosis for HIV

Shiloov Medical Technologies Ltd. in Jerusalem recently announced that it has issued a patent for its ShiloovTube device which allows for the detection of HIV antibodies in as little as two weeks after exposure.

The ShiloovTube speeds up the production of HIV antibodies in a patient’s blood by mixing one milliliter of the patient’s blood with a patented mixture of biochemicals. After which, a traditional antibody test is used. This process allows for earlier detection, eliminating the six-month waiting period that is currently in effect. Shiloov says this will help reduce the spread of HIV and also allow for early treatment.

The ShiloovTube has been approved for commercial use in Mexico, but U.S. clinical trials are not expected to begin until the end of the year. Shiloov expects to have final approvals by the end of next year.