Resources help moms stay healthy

Each trimester, the prenatal coordinator sends women enrolled in the First Priority Health Prenatal Program resource materials relevant to their gestational stage. Below is a list of the extensive resources sent to members enrolled in the prenatal program of this subsidiary of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Wilkes-Barre.

First Trimester

• introductory letter to member;

• information on folic acid;

• information on smoking cessation;

• information on fetal growth and development;

• letter for dads;

• nutritional guide;

• information on protein;

• information on making healthy choices;

• the book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Second Trimester

• information on healthy snacks;

• information on fast food choices;

• information on exercise;

• magnet of warning signs of preterm labor;

• premature labor booklet;

• helpful hints on breastfeeding;

• warning signs on pregnancy induced hypertension;

• brochure of childbirth education classes at participating facilities;

• information on Kegel exercises.

Third Trimester

• information on self-palpation;

• information on kick-counts;

• information on preterm labor;

• information on timing contractions;

• La Leche League letter.

Women with special risks also receive the following appropriate materials as needed:

• information on cesarean sections;

• information on vaginal birth after cesarean section;

• hints for coping with bedrest during pregnancy;

• information on gestational diabetes.