Every private duty agency needs employee handbook

Do you have an employee policy handbook? Or do you need to update the tired, old one you have? You should, for your own protection.Employee Policy Handbook for Private Duty Agenciesis now available from American Health Consultants, the publisher ofPrivate Duty Homecare.This book contains all the information a private duty home care agency owner, director, or manager needs to design a basic handbook. It provides 32 rules for staff conduct in the client’s home, seven important guidelines for working with the elderly, and samples of more than 35 commonly used policies and components of policy handbooks, such as substance abuse and patient confidentiality.

Why spend thousands of dollars in man hours developing your own handbook when policies exist that are proven effective? Formulated specifically for private duty agencies, this book can provide guidance for all home care agencies. So act now to order this time saving, money saving, easy-to-use management aid. Call (800) 688-2421.