Wound graph tool available

A new standardized tool for assessing and documenting wounds is now available. The EZ GRAPH provides a standardized process for wound assessments, according to its manufacturer. Clinicians using the system are instructed to fill in the assessment blanks and trace the wound, peel off and dispose of the solid backing, and place the finished tracing on the accompanying worksheet to complete the documentation. 

Each EZ GRAPH worksheet will accept up to three tracing graphs, and additional space is available in which to indicate the site of all wounds. A three-color coding system has been added to provide a consistent process of wound assessment that clinicians in a wound clinic can use interchangeably: Wound margins are outlined in blue, erythema is indicated in red, and eschar in shown in black. 

For more information, write to EZ Graph, 132 Stirrup Road, Victoria, TX 77905. Telephone: (800) 975-9528.